TD2 Lens Coating

TD2 Coating

TD2 Lens CoatingTough, durable, 2-sided

The use of the nanocomposite technology has improved the scratch resistance of TD2 coated lenses against both light abrasion and deep scratching.

Features and Benefits

On both sides of the lens

  • Consistent coating on both sides of the lens eliminates all risks of cracking.

Whatever the material

  • Consistent performance regardless of the design or material that TD2 protects.

Included on all Crizal lenses

  • TD2 hard coat protects all Crizal lenses.

Double layered coating

  • The first layer, the adhesion booster, eliminates any microscopic imperfections on the lens surface and allows coating of all materials.
  • The second layer, the hard coat varnish, contains glass like silicate particles in a plastic matrix providing the unique combination of hardness and flexibility.