Dr. Hill

Born in Franklin North Carolina in 1955, Dr. Hill is a life long resident of Macon County North Carolina. He is the son of the late Joseph L. Hill, Jr. and the late Rachel Simmons Hill. Dr. Hill’s father, Joe, was Franklin’s first Optometrist opening his practice in 1952 in what was then known as the Notel Building. This building is now known as the Courthouse Plaza standing behind the Macon County Courthouse on Main Street in Franklin. His mother, Rachel, moved to Franklin with his father after he finished his education at Appalachian State University and service in the Army Medical Corps while she ended a career with the FBI as a finger print analyst after having graduated from Greensboro Women’s College.

Dr David S. Hill

Dr. Hill began his education in Mrs. Pearl Hunter’s kindergarten class which was held at the First United Methodist Church in Franklin. He grew up in and attends the First Presbyterian Church on Church Street in Franklin. Dr. Hill went to Franklin Elementary School, which has long since been demolished, and graduated from Franklin High School in 1973.

Dr. Hill then attended the University of Tennessee in Knoxville earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Science. From there he went to Southern College of Optometry in Memphis Tennessee where he graduated in 1984. He completed a preceptorship with Dr. Dale Garland and then attended St. Luke’s Eye Clinic in Tarpon Springs Florida under the preceptorship of Drs. Michael Shultz and James Gill.

Upon completion of his training he joined in his fathers’ Optometric practice in 1984. Dr. Hill was fortunate to have practiced with his father for five years before his father passed away. This practice was located at the corner of Church Street and Macon Avenue in downtown Franklin, across the street from the First Presbyterian Church and behind the new Macon County Courthouse, the location his father had moved to in 1961.

Since returning to Franklin, Dr. Hill became very involved in the community and his profession. A Rotarian for many years, He served in all capacities culminating with a term as President of the Franklin Rotary Club.

Dr. Hill was elected to the Board of Trustees of Angel Medical Center in Franklin in 1991 and continues to do so to this day. Currently, He serves as the Chairman of this board, a term that will run through October of 2007.

Dr. Hill was active in the Mountain District Optometric Society, then later, after its’ formation, he was active in the Nantahala District Optometric Society serving as its’ president for three years. He was also active at the state level, having served for many years as a Trustee of the North Carolina State Optometric Society.

Springtime at the OfficeAfter practicing for 21 years at the same location, Dr. Hill, his staff, and 21 years of memories moved to their new location at the corner of Edgewood Avenue and Highway 441 on the South side of Franklin on May 1st, 2006. Dr. Hill and his staff have always and will continue, to strive to provide honest, thorough, and reasonably priced primary eye care while keeping abreast of new technologies and new findings in the health care of you and your family’s eyes.

Summary of Training and Accomplishments:

  • University of Tennessee in Knoxville
  • Southern College of Optometry in Memphis Tenn.
  • Preceptorship with Dr. Dale Garland
  • Preceptorship at St. Luke’s Eye Clinic in Tarpon Springs Fla.
  • Franklin Rotary Club (Served a Term as President)
  • Board of Trustees of Angel Medical Center in Franklin (Currently Chairman)
  • Mountain District Optometric Society
  • Nantahala District Optometric Society (Served a term as President)
  • North Carolina State Optometric Society (Served as Trustee)